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Many manufacturers are offering flour milling machines in China, so you must take many things into account if you are trying to get flour milling machine of good quality. First of all, it is important to know what kind of flour milling machine you need, this point is so important because there are several different kind of milling machines. According to the raw materials, KMEC in Henan, Anyang is in supplying of cassava milling machine, pepper milling machine, rice milling machine, corn milling machine and wheat milling machine all the time.

Tapioca starch is produced by cassava milling machine, it will become transparent if encounters heat in water after cooked. Many of the hotels use it to make steamed stuffed bun and dumplings. Tapioca starch powder is refining starch made from cassava roots. Cassava starch is used to make soup and stew thick, it is the main ingredients of baby food milk pudding. Cassava starch can be used to make alcohol, fructose, glucose, maltose, monosodium glutamate, beer, bread, cookies, shrimp piece, fans, sauce and plastic fiber plastic film, resin, coating, adhesive, and other chemical products.
511273_431434a78bf32274a6414d9447408f8f.jpgPepper powder is for cooking sauce, it is made from mature pepper fruit after dried by pepper milling machine. Usually it is divided into black pepper and white pepper. Black pepper is made from immature pepper fruit while white pepper is processed fully ripe fruit. The spicy smell of pepper can increase appetite; pepper has anticorrosive antibacterial effect, can detoxify fish and meat; pepper has warm attribute, can alleviate the diarrhea and stomach pain caused by cold, and can treat chill cold; black pepper is sweet with spicy and hotter than white pepper, can remove fishy flavor and more used for cooking animal offal and seafood.

The wheat after processed by wheat milling machine will become wheat flour, also called the wheat powder or flour. According to the protein content, wheat flour contains high gluten flour, middle gluten flour and low gluten flour. We can tell the difference like this, grab a handful of flour in your hand, knead dough with the fist clenched then loosen, gently weigh the pile of flour, if it spread quickly, is the high gluten flour; If in the process it still can keep form and not scattered, is low gluten flour.

After remove skin, corn flour is milled by corn milling machine, is often used as a coagulator of pudding. The general ready-made pudding mixes on market contain corn flour. Corn flour in Chinese food and also French food is used as a thickening. As corn is nutrient, it is known as "golden crops" in the United States and other developed countries.

Rice flour is made from rice by rice milling machine, is a raw material of making glutinous rice dough and pastry. Glutinous rice powder is widely used, pastry made of rice flour is crunchy, soft and sticky, such as glutinous rice cake and rice dumpling.

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