Essential Factors of Industrial Pellet Plant Manufacturers

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One of the famous leading industrial pellet plant manufacturers is Henan Kingman M&E Complete Plant (KMEC). They offer a full set of services that include among others consultation on pellet technologies and the planning of manufacturing processes, installation delivery ,guarantee , maintenance by using spare parts and after sales guarantee service, is one of the best Chinese producers. This company specializes in the equipment designing and manufacturing as well as the completion of plants for the recycling, compound feed, and grain processing industries therefore they have gained worldwide great reputation.

However, since the process involves wood crushing for raw materials that are not already granulated, cooling and bagging, drying for raw materials that have excess moisture and finally pelletizing by using a material sifter, the content from the aforementioned ingredients depends largely on the input product. Since the whole process is done under automatic controls, the production capacity ranges between 1-6 metric tons per hour ., pelletizing is to convert the waste materials like wood chips into solid fuel. In effect, wood pellet, whose main raw materials include feed, sawdust, wood chips or logs, wood shavings and any wood waste or biomass, has proven to be one of the most commonly used materials for the pelletizing process. Residual moisture content of approximately 15 percent and products with a granular size of about 4mm is usually necessary for the pelletizing process especially before it begins.

Henan Kingman M&E Complete Plant (KMEC), whose wood pellet making machines include flat die pellet presses and ring die pellet mills, boasts of continuous and reliable operations. Ironically, this company has certainly one of the lowest energy consumption levels that have in turn led to a low price of small complete biomass pelleting plant owing to its low maintenance cost. The ring die pellet machine of this company, which is driven by using heavy-duty gearbox construction that has the ability to produce continuously regardless of the existing conditions, has an exceptional capacity that ranges from 200 kilograms to 3 tons hourly.

Because of the high source, it is certainly one of the main imported elements. This machine is made from high quality stainless steel while its main parts are made from alloy steel and for this reason; it has proven to be the perfect choice for use in the granulation of straw, wood and other biomass sources because it is very strong and malleable.

The flat die pellet machine on the other hand is smaller and hence it is ideal for the processing of feedstuff. This machine, which original design is perfect for processing wood, sawdust, grass, straw and various types of stalks, is cheaper. It provides the best option for small farm families because it has a high capacity and low consumption. In addition, the flat die pellet machine has a single phase and consequently, it has a unique ability to use diesel and 3 electric PTO driven models that can process wood sawdust, agro waste resources and wood lump.


Next article will introduce the ZLSP R-Type Ring Die Pellet Mills.




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