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Dried fruits and nuts are some of the meal recommendations by health specialists especially on the account of snacking. Snacks play a vital role in driving away hunger and keeping one back on the game. In most cases, chocolate and candy are people's first choice, but do you know that it is essentially important to choose carefully on the foods to snack to? In the following, this article will emphasis some major facts of dried fruits and nuts as well as points out reasons on snacking them. 

nuts.jpgUsually, the dried fruits are sweeter than most of fresh fruits. The reasons for choosing processed snacks as the snack source to most people can be said due to the sugar content in these snacks. When you dry fruits, they can compare to those processed sugars like chocolate. This is because the water and juice in the dried fruits are removed and make sugar concentrate.

When come to dried fruits and nuts, the other benefit of them is rich in fibers. Thanks to that factor, there is a number of health benefits connected to these products. For one, they act as appetite inhibitors or suppressants in that they inhibit you from over eating as they fill your stomach absorbing water. This in return helps in maintaining your weight even though they may not be able to provide the required satisfaction, sometimes overeating leads to enlarged intestines culminating to increased body weight. Dried fruits and nuts also help in making sure that constipation is controlled by enhancing the normal bowel movement. Blood sugars are also regulated in the process as fiber promotes vitamins and minerals absorption. The difference between these snacks and processed snacks like chocolate is that those processed snacks have limited or no fibers! 

Dried fruits and nuts are also known to be the best sources of vitamins. Let’s look at this concept from this angle, Vitamin B6 is present in nuts especially in big amounts as well as vitamins B9, B12 and E. unlike nuts, dried fruits are primarily known for Vitamin C and all these vitamins have their own health benefits to the body. B12 and B9 are known for production of DNA and RNA acids that are used in the production of new body cells. Vitamin C on the other hand is known for prevention against scurvy which means if you lack vitamin C, your body will not be able to heal itself against wounds. 




The other vitamins have also their own standing benefits to the body which means that every individual should ensure that the body has the supply of all the required nutrients. From this article, we can clearly understand that the human body is like a machine which needs every form of maintenance in order to perform exceptionally and dried nuts and fruits can be seen as particularly essential in keeping the discussed theory intact. There are different kinds of dried fruits and nuts, basically to achieve dried fruits, you just need to dry some fresh fruits like apples and berries.


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