Anyone can easily Produce Biomass Energy with Die Pelletizing Machine

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imagesThe historical past of pellet machine began in China just like the creating of football. The technology of pellet machine improved rapidly after it was introduced into Europe and finally evolved into European patent. Just before China's ring die mills were exported, other areas around the world utilized flat die pellet machines to make animal feed.

As we all know, flat die pellet machines are broadly utilized to generate feed particles which is much lower than ring die pellet mill, therefore the ring die usage has become more preferred compared to ever before. After taking on the reform and opening-up policy, China has begun to bring in ring die pelletizing mill mills on a large scale. Now, simply because of the large output, less power consumption, the ring die pelletizing mills have become the best choice both at home and abroad to make high quality feed.

Along with the international understanding environmental surroundings, biofuel materials ended up being in the limelight. Straw, wood chips, municipal solid waste etc. will be pressed into pellets for burning. In addition, its combustion is really good too, pelletizing mills has increased its technology in Europe quickly in five years by increasing the development of particles right from the start of the ring pellet machine, simultaneously, it also changed the flat die machine again because the flat die pellet mills are quite suitable to handle such pelletizing.

Let's figure out the merits of this machine.

This energy-saving equipment has get an increasing reputation around the world. And yet together with the development of society and overall economy, some people would like to use it in the home because individual or private pelletizing, then small pellet presses appears.

The pelletizing process is done without needing a belt drive shaft because of the High-Tech. The advantage of this machine is No water should be applied when pelletizing. This pellet mill is of dry-out type.

pellet-press-kl300b.jpg  Straw-Pellet-Machine-With-Rotating-Die



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