Organic Dried Fruits Nutrition

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dried-fruit.jpgDried fruits are becoming more and more popular with health conscious consumers and dieters as a perfect snack for they are filled with health benefits. Below is a more particular look at some of the amazing benefits of dried fruits. If you want to eat cheese cake and you are on a diet, you can pick up some dried fruits such as raisins or figs. You can eat dried fruits instead of desserts filled with cream, cheese or butter, ice creams and calorific chocolates since they consist of condensed numbers of fructose. For that reason, eating dried fruits is an effective way to shed extra pounds. But why is dried fruit so popular to the common people today? The answer is obvious. Dried fruits have a high concentration of carbohydrates which is energy boosting. These days sports people, hikers and other athletes enjoy carrying out dried fruits with them for they're easy to carry around and edible without washing. Dried fruits are rich in vital nutritional vitamins. They're also essential for healthy teeth and bones of human for being rich in calcium and phosphorus. Peach halves, dried apricots and raisins are all rich in folic acid and Vitamin B12 which can help in the formation of red blood cell. Fill up on dried fruits which include berries, figs and prunes, these are loaded with iron, which is essential for the formation of hemoglobin. Often eat dried fruits can help in preventing anemia.

ringsPeople eat more apples got low chance to catch a cold scientists and doctors call apple "all-around healthy fruit" just as one apple a day keeps the doctor away. Fresh apples is of good smell and taste, plus, apples are also rich in vitamins and antioxidants. You can make dried apple slices or buy dried apples are available on the market or the internet as fresh apples are not easy to be kept for long. In addition to dried apple, dried strawberry contains the same nutrients as fresh strawberries, and we can eat strawberry at any time when missing strawberry flavor. Carotene which is an important material to synthesize vitamin A which has the function of improving eye sight and cleansing liver is found abundant in strawberry. Strawberry has certain tonic toning effect on the gastrointestinal tract and anemia. Strawberry can prevent human from scurvy, in additional to this, the prevention and cure of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease also has good effect. Strawberry is a plant rich in tannic acid content, inside our body it can prevent carcinogenic chemical adsorption and absorption, has anti-cancer effects. Strawberry can removes the heavy metal ions naturally gently for rich aspartic acid. Fresh mulberry is delicious, since the flavor and nutrition of dried mulberry is complete the same as fresh mulberry, the most common way to eat it is make it into dried mulberry.





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